1. Application Approval
  Application period is by May 31st (Fri.), 2013.
(Acceptance of applications will be closed once all exhibition spaces are occupied, even if before May 31.)
The Organizer reserves the right to reject applications if the exhibit of the Applicant is considered counter to the purpose of the exhibition.
The Organizer will not be liable for any damages caused by this.
2. Payment of Exhibit Space Fee
  Upon receipt of the application form, an invoice of the exhibit space fee will be sent to you after obtaining approval of the Organizer. The total fee must be paid by Japanese Yen only. No check is accepted.

Please pay the total fee by June 28 (Fri.), 2013.
You are required to make a bank transfer to the bank account specified on the invoice. Please note that bank-handling charges are the liability of the Applicant.
3. Cancellation
  In case of cancellation, the Applicant should submit a request to the Organizer for approval by written notice. The following cancellation fee is charged.
Deadline of Cancellation (in writing)
Cancellation Charge
May 31 (Fri.) 2013 – Jun 28 (Fri.) 2013 50% of Total Exhibit Space Fee
After Jun. 29 (Sat.) 2013 100% of Total Exhibit Space Fee
In the event that the Applicant have not yet remitted the proper amount as noted above, the Applicant must remit it immediately. If the applicants have already remitted more than the amount noted above, the excess amount will be refunded by the Organizer.
4. Cancellation by the Organizer
 The Organizer reserves the right to decide booth allocation taking the following into consideration: the overall zoning plan, the type and scale of exhibits, demonstration plans and application date, etc.
(1) The Organizer will cancel the exhibit without any admonition when the exhibitor is determined as a crime syndicate, a member of a crime syndicate, an affiliate of a crime syndicate, a corporate extortionist, a social activist, etc. (collectively referred to as “antisocial forces”), or if it is determined that the exhibitor is not fit to this exhibition.
(2) In such a case, the Organizer is not liable for any damage inflicted to the corresponding exhibitor. Also, the Organizer is allowed to demand compensation of damages caused by this to the corresponding exhibitor. Any paid exhibition fee will not be refunded.
(3) In such a case, the Organizer will not be responsible for any payment.
5. Booth Allotment
 The Organizer reserves the right to decide booth allocation taking the following into consideration: the overall zoning plan, the type and scale of exhibits, demonstration plans and application date, etc.
6. Prohibition of Reselling Renting Booth
  The Applicant can not rent, resell, exchange, or sell the booth allotted for the exhibitior, without obtaining permission from the Organizer.
7. Sharing a Booth by Tow or More Exhibitors
  If two or more companies share a booth, the representative of these exhibitors should make an application and inform the Organizer of the names of other exhibitors as co-exhibitors.
8. Installation and Removal of Exhibition Materials
(1) Transportation and installation of exhibiting materials must be carried out during the specific period designated by the Organizer. The facilities within the booth must be installed before 4 p.m. on the last day of installation period. The Organizer reserves the right to dispose of the booth in whatever manner the Organizer thinks appropriate, if the applicants do not install the exhibiting materials by the above time and date. If this happens, the applicants must pay the designated cancellation charge (100% of the exhibit space fee) to the Organizer.
(2) If the Applicant must remove, move, or transport the exhibiting materials during the period of the exhibition, the Applicant must obtain permission of the Organizer before commencement of such activities.
(3) The exhibiting materials must be removed from the booths by the stated time and date. The exhibiting materials left within the booth after this time and date will be removed by the Organizer at the Applicants' expense.
9. Use of the Exhibiton Space
(1) The Applicant should exhibit the products which fulfill the purposes of this exhibition and which are specified on the application form.
(2) All demonstrations or any other advertising and sales activities shall be restricted to areas inside the company’s booth. The Applicant shall be held responsible for ensuring that the passageways near the booth will not become congested because of its demonstrations or any other advertising and sales activities.
(3) The Applicant must give sufficient consideration to making sure that the decorations and designs of its booth do not block the adjacent booths of other companies. If a complaint is lodged from an adjacent booth, the Organizer shall determine the need for changing the decorations and/or designs from the standpoint of running and managing the exhibition. If changes are judged to be necessary, the exhibitor of said booth must agree to such changes.
(4) The Organizer shall have the right to restrict display items that are deemed problematic because of the sound they emit, the method of operation, materials, or any other reasons. It also has the right to prohibit or remove display items that do not match the objectives of the exhibition, based on the standpoint of running and managing the exhibition. This authority shall cover people, actions, printed matter and any other matters which the Organizers regard as being problematic.
(5) In the aforementioned clause, if there is a need for restrictions or removal, the Organizer shall not be held responsible and the exhibitor cannot make a claim against the Organizers for any expenses that accrue in conjunction with said restrictions or removal.
10. Custody and protection Exhibits
  The Organizer will take security measures such as hiring security guards for custody and protection of exhibits at the site; however, will not be liable for damages or any other compensation for fire, theft, loss, damage or any other accident.
11. Damage Compensation
  The Applicant must be responsible for any or all damages caused by the carelessness of himself or his agents to exhibition, facilities, materials, building, or people.
12. Alternation and Cancellation of Exhibition
  The Organizer reserves the right to change the exhibition period or cancel the exhibition if the exhibition site (grounds and buildings) has been deemed unsuitable for admitting visitors or if the exhibition has become unable to be opened on account of force majeure. In this case, the Organizer shall not assume any responsibility for damage, increased costs and any other disadvantages incurred by the abovementioned incidents.
13. Observance of Regulations
  The Applicant shall observe the provisions laid out in this "General Regulations", "Exhibitors Manual" or any other regulations established separately by the Organizer. If the Applicant breaches any of these provisions, The Organizer may cancel the Exhibition Contract regardless of the reason and shall not be liable for any resultant damage which may be incurred by the Applicant.
14. Questions and doubts
  The Organizer shall retain the right to make the final decision regarding any matters not stipulated in the Exhibition Rules and Regulations, or if there are any questions and doubts regarding the Exhibition Rules and Regulations.

Please download application form as below.

1. Application Form (E) (PDFformat, 484KB)

If you have problem to open PDF file, please download the latest version of Adobe Reader from the following website.