The exhibition is the largest fire and safety exhibition of its kind in Japan.
○ The exhibition brings together foreign and domestic companies with common interests under one roof
    (in 2008, 213 companies/organizations and 1,092 booths).
○ The largest event of its kind held once every five years, it showcases the latest products and services.
The event enjoys a wide range of visitors, from government agencies and
corporations to end users.
○ A great many visitors include fire officials, fire fighters, and end users.
○ The exhibition showcases solution-oriented products and services for urgent issues directly to
    audiences showing a high interest.

It is held concurrently with the Security & Safety Trade Expo (RISCON TOKYO).
○ It provides general safety information through the two concurrent exhibitions under the common title,
    "Innovate! Next Safety Stage."
○ Joint entrance to B2B trade shows RISCON TOKYO and SEECAT is anticipated to boost the number of
    business visitors to the Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition.
○ The two exhibitions cooperate in seminars, events, and other visitor attractions planned by the organizers to
    increase the number of visitors.

Fire Extinguishing / Ambulance Service / Rescue / Evacuation Systems
Fire Extinguishing / Fire Prevention
1. Fire Vehicle and Fireboat
Pumpers, Foam Trucks, Aerial Ladders, Special Apparatus, Fireboats, Helicopters, Sirens,
Red Lights etc.
2. Fire Alarm Systems
Automatic Fire Detection Systems, Arsonist Surveillance Equipment, Residential Fire Alarms/
Smoke Detectors etc.
3. Fire Protection Equipments
Fire Hydrants, Portable Pumps, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguishing Robots, Sprinkler Systems,
Fire Cisterns etc.
4. Fire Hoses/Water Application Tools
Fire Hoses, Water Application/Draft Tools, Maintenance Supplies etc.
5. Fire Resistive Materials/Fireproof (Fire-resistant) Products
Noninflammable Material, Fireproof Material, Heat-resistant Material, Fire-prevention Material,
Fire Prevention and Fireproofing Shutters , Bedclothes, curtain etc.
Ambulance Services
1. Ambulance Vehicles
Ambulance Vehicles, High-standard Ambulance Vehicles etc.
2. First-aid Tools/Infection Prevention Equipments
Equipment For Patient Observations, Breathings And Circulation Aids, AED, Wound Protections, Infection Prevention Equipments, Warmth Maintenances, Patient Conveyances, Equipment for Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT) etc.
1. Rescue Trucks, Rescue Vehicles/Rescue boat
2. Rescue Equipments
Forcible Entry Tool, Rescue Tools, Floodlights, Lightning Equipments etc.
3. Highly Sophisticated Rescue Equipments
Rescue Robots, Detectors, night vision equipment, Analysis and measurement equipment (radioactivity, chemical substances, toxic gas), Power Assist Wear etc.
Evacuation Systems
1. Reporting System, Broadcast Equipments
Emergency Reporting System, Broadcast Equipments, Emergency Alarms etc.
2. Evacuation/Guide Equipment, Exit Marking
Escape Ladders and Stairs, Descending Devices, Exit Route Light and Exit Route Marking, Emergency Lighting Equipments etc.
Personal Protective Gears
1. Uniform and Workclothes
Uniform and Workclothes For The Department Members, Uniform For Volunteer Fire Corps Members, Working Clothes For Rescuers etc.
2. Special Apparatus
Fire Fighting Uniform, Heat Protective Clothes, Protective Clothes, Fire boots, Helmets, Life Belts, Gloves etc.
Other Products and Services Associated with Fire Extinguishing, Ambulance Service, and Rescue
Disaster Countermeasures
Personal Protective Gears
1. Drinking Water/Preserved Water, Water Purification Devices, Water Tanks
2. Disaster Relief Bending Machine
Personal Protective Gears
1. Emergency Provisions
Emergency Food, Preserved Food, Cooked and Dry Packed Rice for Preserved Food, Rice Gruel, Canned/Bottled/Boil-in-the-Bag Food, Canned Bread
2. Cookware/Fuel
Personal Protective Gears
1. Electricity/Gas Supply/Life Safety
Generators, Storage Batteries, Emergency Power Supply, Lightning Protection Equipments, Gas Supply Technology, SafetyDevices For Cookware, Hot Water Supply System etc.
2. Temporary Toilet, Portable Toilet
3. Daily Life Supplies
Bedclothes, Disinfections, Deodorant, First Aid Equipment etc.
4. Disaster Kit
Emergency Packs, Assistance Tools for Traveling Home etc.
5. Warehouse for Emergency Supplies
6. Evacuation Site Products
Tents, Prefabricated Facilities, Portable Beds, Portable Partition (Wall) etc.
Earthquake Countermeasures/Tsunami Protection Measures
1. Earthquake-proof Technologies
Base-isolating Devices, Seismic Control Structures, Anti-seismic diagnoses, Anti-seismic Plumbing etc.
2. Furniture Holding Articles, Functional Glasses, Glass Broken Protection
3. Equipment for Tsunami Protection
Breakwaters, Coastal Levees etc.
Measures against Storm and Flood Damage
1. Flood Control Equipment
Drainage Equipments, Sandbags, Sandbag-Making Machines, Life Boats, Life Jackets etc.
2. Equipment for Landslide Disaster Control
Retaining Walls, Rockfall Fences etc.
NBCR Disaster Preparedness, Emerging Infectious Disease Control,Disaster Preparedness for Industrial Facilities
1. Equipments and Products for NBCR, Emerging Infectious Disease
X Ray Inspection Devices, Liquid Items Inspection Devices, Hazardous Materials Inspection Devices, Decontamination Agents/Equipments, Thermography etc.
2. Hazardous Materials Facilities/Gas Station Safety Technology, Safety Management
Anti-depletion Technology etc.
Industrial Accidents
1. Industrial Accidents Prevention apparatus
Safety Belts, Holiding Articles, Dust Masks, Goggles, Anti-static Tools etc.
2. Industrial Safety and Hygiene Management Systems
Other Technologies, Products, and Services Associated with Disaster Control
Disaster Information System
1. Information and Communication Systems
Total Disaster Prevention Systems, Command and Control Systems, Emergency Medical Care Information Systems, Disaster Information and Communication System etc.
2. Simulation Programme, Information Managements
Damage Estimation Programme, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for Safety etc.
Hazard Information Announcement / Collection
1. Products and Services for Early Warning (Earthquakes, Tsunami,
    and Other Information about Disaster and Evacuation)
Early Earthquake Warning Receivers and Display Devices, Early Warning Delivery Service etc.
2. Emergency Communication, Safety Confirmation Systems
Radios / Wireless Communication for Administrative Disaster Control, Satellite Communication, Safety Confirmation Systems etc.
3. Remote Surveillance and Image Transmission Equipments, Seismometers,
    Earthquake Finders, Atmospheric PressureFinders,
    Rainfall Finders, Water Level Finders, Anemometers,Landslide Monitoring Devices etc.
Services / Consulting
1. Weather Information Services, Disaster Information Services
2. Assistance for BCP/BCM, Consulting
3. Data Backup/Recovery Services
4. Publishing
Other Information and Communication Products / Services
Other Products and Services Associated with Fighting and Disaster Control-Fire