Exhibit Guidelines / Schedule

Exhibit Guidelines

Exhibit Space Type

  1. Standard Booth
    A standard booth is shown below. The Organizer will provide a back panel, side panels and booth number plate. Carpets will not be provided for all booths. One of the side panels will not be provided for corner booths.
  2. Indoor Space (over 90m2)/ Outdoor Space (over 18m2)
    A space is separate from the aisles and other booths by white lines.
    If a space is adjacent to that of another exhibitor, the space will be separated by a partition.
  3. Booth Allotment
    The Organizer decides booth allocation taking into consideration the exhibits,
    number of booths and demonstrations plan, etc.

Exhibit Space Fee

  1. Exhibit Space Fee
    Type Unit/Size Fee (Tax included)
    Standard Booth 1booth/9m2 = 3m(w) x 3m(d) ¥388,800
    Indoor Space 1m2 (applicable for 90m2 or more) ¥38,880
    Outdoor Space 1m2 (applicable for 18m2 or more) ¥21,600
  2. Included in the exhibition booth Fee
    • Space of exhibition booth (Included in back panel and side panels)
    • Invitation ticket
      (Regulated number of the tickets depends on the number of exhibition booth)
    • Expense of project management and advertising by organizer
    • Publishing the company name on the floor map, etc.
    • Expense of safety management, labor and guard by organizer
  3. Not Included in the Exhibit Fee
    • Expense of decoration, construction and operation by exhibitor.
    • The electric charge, the water service charge, gas construction fee and charge.
    • Advertising fee.
    • Damage insurance for the exhibits, etc.
    • Expense for injuries arising during exhibition or while transporting equipment.
    • Renovating exhibits and decorations, etc, required by regulations and exhibition rules.
    • Other expenses not included in the exhibition booth Fee.

Application to Exhibit

  1. For exhibit applications and further information, please contact:
    Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition 2018 Management Office
    Tokyo Big Sight Inc.
    3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0063 Japan
    Tel. +81-3-5530-1121
    *Applications can also be made through our website
  2. Application Deadline
    Application Deadline
    December 15 (Fri.), 2017
    (Applications will be closed prior to the deadline once all booths are booked.)
  3. Revocation of Application
    In case the organizer judges the exhibit is inappropriate for this exhibition, the organizer may revoke the application.
  4. Payment of Exhibit Space Fee
    After the approval for the contents of application form, the organizer will send an invoice. Please pay your exhibit space fee by January 31 (Wed.), 2018 Japanese Yen cash remittance only. Bank charges must be paid by applicants. (chargeable JPY 10,000 for the bank remittance of Exhibit Space Fee.)
  5. Cancellation
    Once an application is accepted no withdrawal is allowed as a general rule, if the organizer deems it legitimate, however, application may be withdrawn with payment of prescribed cancellation charge.
    Date of Cancellation (in writing) Cancellation Charge
    Before Jan. 31 (Wed.) 2018 50% of Total Exhibit Space Fee
    After Feb. 1 (Thu.) 2018 100% of Total Exhibit Space Fee