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Exhibit Guidelines / Schedule

Exhibit Requirements

Booth Standards
  1. Indoor Standard Booth
    If there is an adjacent booth, the back panel, side panel and booth numbering board that separate booths will be installed at the organizer’s expense.
    * Carpeting not included.
    * If there are no adjacent booths, side panels will not be installed.
  2. Indoor Space Booth (90 m2 or More), Outdoor Space Booth (18 m2 or more)
    It is a compartment with no partitions. However, depending on the application status, a divider panel may be provided for adjacent booths, or hall wall surfaces.
  3. Determination of Booth Position
    The booth position of each exhibitor will be determined by the organizer, giving consideration to the exhibit content, exhibit size, and whether there are demonstrations.
Exhibit Booth Fees
  1. Exhibit Booth Fees
    * All fees include tax.
    Type Unit and Shape Fee
    Indoor Standard 1 booth (9 m2 = Frontage approx.
    3 m wide x Depth approx. 3 m)
    Indoor Space 1 m2
    (Applicable for 90 m2 or more)
    Outdoor Space 1 m2
    (Applicable for 18 m2 or more)
  2. Included in Exhibit Booth Fees
    • Exhibit booth space (divider panels) * See: Booth Standard
    • Invitation tickets (standard number of tickets according to the number of exhibit booths)
    • Company name listed in venue guide
    • PR expenses and planning and operating expenses by the organizer
    • Security control expenses and personnel and security expenses by the organizer
  3. Not Included in Exhibit Booth Fees
    • Exhibitor’s company decorations, construction and operating expenses
    • Equipment construction costs and usage fees for electricity, water, gas and other facilities within the company's booth
    • All types of advertising fees
    • Non-life insurance premiums paid for your company exhibition equipment, and the like
    • Costs relating to accidents such as personal injuries that occur during the exhibition, demonstrations, and loading and unloading work
    • Renovation costs for exhibition decoration and the like based on laws and regulations and exhibition rules
    • Other costs not included in exhibit booth fees
  1. Application Method
    Apply via the official website of Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition 2023. If you are considering exhibiting, be sure to check the exhibition terms posted on the official website before applying.
    Also, when applying to exhibit for the first time, submit by mail or e-mail materials (categories) that give an overview of your exhibit.
    * Official website of Tokyo International Fire and Safety Exhibition
  2. Application Deadline
    Application Deadline
    December 16 (Fri.), 2022
    An application will no longer be accepted when all of the planned number of booths have been taken.
  3. Cancellation of Application
    The organizer may refuse your application if your exhibition content is deemed to be inconsistent with the purpose of the exhibition. Also, your application may be cancelled in the event that exhibit fees go unpaid by the due date.
  4. Payment of Exhibit Booth Fees
    By the organizer accepting an application, you will be considered to have entered into an agreement. The organizer will issue an invoice to the exhibitor after the organizer has approved the exhibit. Payments must be made to the specified account by the due date indicated on the invoice. (Transfer fees are the responsibility of each exhibitor.)
    (chargeable JPY 10,000 for the bank remittance of Exhibit Space Fee.)
  5. Cancellation Fee
    As a general rule, exhibit cancellations or changes are not allowed once an application has been made. In the event that an applicant requires a cancellation or a change, the following cancellation fees will be charged.
    Date of receipt of notice of exhibit cancellation in writing Cancellation Fee
    On or before January 31 (Tue.), 2023 50% of Exhibit Booth Fees
    After February 1 (Wed.), 2023 100% of Exhibit Booth Fees